Why BiH?
  • Many successful investments have been implemented by the members or with the assistance of the members of the BH Diaspora community
  • An opportunity to invest in fast-growing sectors, such as agriculture, tourism, IT and energy sectors
  • Low taxes
  • Educated (and relatively cheap) labor force
  • Regional and bilateral trade agreements signed
  • Large number of available industrial zones, attractive locations and production premises
  • Favorable legislation for foreign investors
  • Currency is pegged to Euro
  • Long tradition of industrial production
  • EU accession perspective
  • Favorable geographical position (closeness to EU markets)
Examples of good practice and investments in BiH by the Diaspora:

Documentary series “I want to go home”
Production: Refresh production
For: Al Jazeera Balkans
Expert support: Naša Perspektiva

Agricultural sector: Jusuf Arifagić
Arifagić Investment d.o.o.

Agricultural sector: Stevan Milović
Popovo Polje a.d.

Textile sector: Enes Kahrimanović

Building sector: Jasmin Hošo

Thoughts on returning to the home country and investing