• Investment Process

    • starting a business,
    • obtaining permits,
    • property registration,
    • ownership registration,
    • access to finance,
    • investors’ protection,
    • tax payments,
    • trading across borders,
    • resolving insolvency,
    • availability of labor force, etc.
  • Establishment of Business Cooperation

    • relevant business and market information,
    • information related to specific sectors,
    • information on regulations and legislation, etc.

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  • Market Research

    In the process of considering the location clients would like to invest in, we offer market research services by applying different methods of market analyses and market opportunities, such as SWOT or PEST analyses, trend analysis, conditions (social, economic, ecological and technological). This service also includes an analysis of the political and legal environment (regulations and laws related to permits, patents, environmental regulations, different legislation relevant for business doing), economic and technological environment and competition and how they influence business doing and growth of investment. In this way, our clients get the necessary support for getting insight into the position and opportunities on the market based on which, along with the feasibility study, they will be able to decide whether they will invest or not.

  • Feasibility Study

    This service is offered to help clients make a rational, profitable and politically correct decision. A good feasibility study implies a systematic overview of all key parameters and their presentation in an acceptable form. The document is prepared prior to drafting a project, for it covers the key question: Why should (not) the project be implemented? The contents of the study depend on the situation and the project but some elements are common to all studies – general analyses, technical, economic, ecological, legal, financial, etc. Good feasibility study elaborates the risks from failure and enables the client to compare different potential project investments in order to make his/her decision based on arguments presented.

  • Support in Finding an Adequate Location

    One of the key questions for investors is the investment’s location. Finding an adequate location is time consuming for investors, since it requires their physical presence in BiH. The Center offers the following services: 1) finding adequate piece of land, 2) finding adequate office premises, 3) finding adequate virtual office (Virtual office includes the acquisition of an address for company’s headquarters and mail management – receipt and forwarding of mail, with additional options such as renting a desk and meeting room(s), on as needed basis).

  • Organization of Visits

    Service includes: 1) Planning the visit, 2) communication with all participating parties, 3) creating an info package for investors which contains all relevant information on locations/companies/institutions which shall be visited during the visit, 4) defining logistic details (transportation, accommodation, food, residence permits, etc.), 5) planning the free time within the scope of the visit. Visits, especially the first one, are crucial for potential implementation of investments. Having this in mind, the Center invests much in good and timely planning since this is the key to a successful visit( good impressions may lead to more interest in investing).

  • Support with Registration of Enterprises and Acquisition of Other Necessary Permits

    In order to accelerate the registration process which is one of the main bottle necks in the process of investing in BiH, the Center provides services related to the registration and acquisition of other relevant permits. The investors send all necessary data from abroad and their presence is mandatory only on the occasion of certifying the documents. The process includes the following steps: 1) sending all relevant data from abroad, 2) notifying the investor whether the documents sent were sufficient for the preparation of documents, 3) scheduling time and place for certification of documents, 4) submission of documents to competent institutions and tracking the procedure until the finalization of registration process, 5) notifying the investor upon the finalization of the procedure.


  • Organization of Business Gatherings

    Naša perspektiva has been organizing BH Diaspora business forum -BHdiaFor (the largest European business event with Diaspora) for many years. The place of venue which gathers 150 businessmen from BiH and abroad differs every year and its focus are sectors which are the most interesting for investors (IT, energy, tourism, metal processing industry, wood processing, etc.). Along with the registration for the Forum, the participants fill in a form entitled Investing and establishing business cooperation, where the organizer learns about their ideas and tries to facilitate business cooperation (or investments) prior, during and after the Forum. In the period to come, Naša Perspektiva is planning on continuing with the organization of similar gatherings while the Center will be in charge of facilitating the investments and business matching on the ground.

  • Organization of B2B Meetings / Visits

    After the Center identifies the potential partner(s) in BiH for the company from abroad (based on the company’s request) and the company decides to visit the partner(s), the Center, similar to visits for investors, will offer services related to the organization of visits, including: 1) planning the visit, 2) communication with all parties involved in the visit, 3) creating an info package which contains all relevant information about the companies which are to be visited, 4) planning logistic details (transportation, accommodation, food, temporary residence permits, etc.), 5) planning the free time within the scope of the visit.

  • Organization of Participations in Local and Regional Fairs / Congresses

    In order to enable easier linking between companies from abroad and local entrepreneurs, the Center will offer services to companies from abroad related to organization of participation in different fairs and congresses. The services include:

    • Renting a stand/place,
    • Scheduling and organization of meetings with participants/visitors on the fair,
    • Communication with all parties involved,
    • Creation of an info package which contains all relevant information about the companies the client will have a meeting with
    • Defining logistic details (transportation, accommodation, food, residence permit, etc.)
    • Planning free time in the scope of the visit


With this service, the Center provides active assistance to business Diaspora in drafting strategic documents for business planning by developing: 1) business strategies, 2) business plans, 3) marketing and communication plans.
In agreement with the client, the Center takes over implementation of some activities defined by the Center in this document.

Business advisory (consultancy) services include: 1) improvement of corporate management (structure and processes for managing companies), 2) commercialization of (new) products, 3) managing changes and transformation processes, 4)cost reduction and optimization, 5) expert assistance in the application for grants, etc.


  • Services Related to Market Linkages for Local Companies

    The Center offers the following services to local companies:

    • Organization of business gatherings,
    • Organization of B2B meetings/visits,

    Organization of participation in fairs/congresses in BiH and abroad

  • Services Related to Business Planning and Advisory

    The Center assists local companies in market research, analysis of competition, positioning on export markets, calculation of export price, selection of distribution channels and with communication with potential buyers. Concretely speaking, the Center provides assistance in developing:

    • Development strategies,
    • Business plans,
    • Marketing and communication plans.


    Consultancy includes advising in following areas:

    • Improvement of business doing,
    • Commercialization of (new) products,
    • Change management and transformation processes,
    • Cost reduction and optimization,
    • Expert assistance in application for grants, etc.

    In agreement with the client, the Center takes over implementation of some activities defined during the course of business planning and consultancy.