About BH Diaspora

Some estimations suggest that cca.2 millions Bosnians and Herzegovinians (including the 2nd and the 3rd generations of expats) live outside the BiH borders, which makes 50% of the total number of its inhabitants. Based on these numbers, Bosnia and Herzegovina is ranked the 1st in Europe and the 7th in the world with regard to the ratio of the number of expats and total number of inhabitants.

Numbers aside, the most important is the inflow of the financial capital into the country. Directly or indirectly, the Diaspora covers 1/3 of the country’s GDP which means that it has been preventing BIH’s financial collapse for years. However, it has been predicted that the financial participation of the Diaspora in the form of wire payments will be decreasing, so it is necessary to activate their financial resources and convince them to invest and establish business cooperation with businessmen in their home country which is the primary goal of the Diaspora Business Center.

The Diaspora has proved to be an important investor in the home country – some of the most significant investments have been realized either by the members of the BH Diaspora themselves or with their assistance. It is, however, important to emphasize that the development potential of this group has remained untapped especially in the segment of investments and business cooperation with BH Diaspora, missing the opportunity to generate the economic growth and development of BiH.